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Help 4 HD International Incorporated was founded in
2010 to educate the world about Huntington’s disease,
support HD individuals and their families, initiate and
educate the medical professionals who care for them,
and promote care, research and clinical trials for HD.
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Huntington’s disease (HD gene found in
1993) is an
inherited and ultimately fatal brain disorder that affects
control of movement, thought and behavior. Every child
of an individual with HD has a 50/50 chance of
inheriting the mutated gene that causes HD. More than
30,000 Americans have been diagnosed with HD and
more than 250,000 others are at risk.

*Recent 2013 updated statistics specify that 1 out of
every 7,000 people has HD.*

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We are proud to be a communications partner of the Huntington Study Group
(HSG). We will continue to support and educate our HD community about everything
that HSG does relating to clinical studies and trials. We thank HSG for their many
years of dedication to finding treatments and therapies for Huntington disease.
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