Do You Like Pancake and Crepe – Here how you can make it easily.

Pancakes are consumed almost in each and every home and it’s very common trend that people all over the world wonders where did delicious pancakes originated from. It had been introduced to Western european settlers in early 16th century, and it had been renamed from noke hic to “no cake”. During 1700s, the Nederlander people added buck wheat pannekoeken for the American menu, as well as the British introduced few traditions of pancake feasts, kept on Shrove Tuesday like a final celebration prior to the Lent.

It’s very difficult to say exactly where did pancakes come from. This food have been present on the dining tables for many century which is rather tough to state exactly where it come from as well as when was this first made and obviously by whom.

Do You need a good  pancake maker for making pancake?

The Pancake pan that I got makes cooking breakfast in the morning a lot easier. I have four kids; my oldest is 13 and my youngest is 6. Every morning cooking breakfast gets a little crazy because my four kids are up as well as my husband. So there are 6 people to cook for and at the same time get ready for school and work. The Pancake pan allows me to cook 8 pancakes at once. Since they have a buy one get one free deal I got two Pancake makers. I can make either 8 pancakes at once, or 4 pancakes and 4 eggs at once, or 8 eggs and toast some English muffins to put the eggs on. There are a lot of different ways that I like to use the Pancake maker for breakfasts.

It has definitely made my life in the morning much easier because I can cook a lot faster for the whole family. Also since they are non-stick pans cleanup is very easy. I hardly ever have to clean them with soap and water. I usually take a paper towel and wipe it down and I’m good to go. You can also buy a good electric crepe maker for making pancake as well as crepe.

Since it has such a good non-stick surface I don’t worry about using PAM spray or butter to prep the pan for the pancakes and eggs. I simply put the batter in the pancake mold and wait until the bubbles are popped. After the bubbles have popped I then close the top, flip it over, and wait about 30 seconds and they’re done. It’s the same way with eggs whether I am just cooking them with the yokes or making scrambled eggs. I just put them in there, wait a minute or two, flip them over, wait another minute or so and then they’re good go.

The other great part about the Pancake pan is that since its non-stick and I don’t have to use butter or oil, it means the pancakes are that much healthier for my kids and husband. As well the Pancake maker comes with a non-drip batter dispenser that makes life easier for placing batter in the holes. I’ve had one in the past that made a huge mess. This though actually seals off nicely so it doesn’t drip.

I no longer have to worry about cooking pancakes that either don’t get cooked all the way through or get burned on one side. Eggs were my worst nightmare because whenever I would flip them they would fold on themselves and I would have to pull them apart. With the Pancake maker my eggs are every time and my kids and husband enjoy breakfast much more now.

Pancake maker review

Pancake maker has a really nice non-stick surface on the pan itself. The four holes that are meant for putting pancake batter in are very nice sized too. The pancakes are very easy to make especially with the Perfect Pancake batter dispenser that comes with the Perfect Pancake pan as seen on TV offer. As well in that offer I got a second Perfect Pancake maker for free. So I it’s a buy one get one free deal.

It’s easy to make perfect pancakes in the morning for the family now. Or I can make perfectly flipped and delicious eggs and toast without breaking the yokes on the eggs. Or my favorite is the egg and sausage sandwich on an English muffin. That is our family favorite because it’s delicious and can be taken to go if needs be.

The other really nice part about the Perfect Pancake pan is that I don’t need to use oil spray or butter anymore to cook my pancakes and eggs in it. The Perfect Pancake maker has a very nice non-stick surface that makes flipping and pulling pancakes out very easy.

Since I ordered online I got a second Perfect Pancake pan for free as well as another Pancake maker dispenser. The Perfect Pancake maker isn’t sold in stores anyway but it’s a great deal because it’s a buy one get one free offer. I can make 8 pancakes at once, or 8 eggs at once, or even 4 pancakes and 4 eggs at once. It is so much easier in the morning cooking breakfast with the Perfect Pancake maker.

I can’t imagine going back to making pancakes and eggs with a traditional pan anymore. I was at my sister’s house over the weekend with my kids so that the cousins could play. We made pancakes and eggs for breakfast on Saturday morning and of course she only had traditional pans. It was a nightmare and a huge mess to clean up. I told her she had to get the Perfect Pancake maker and she loved the idea. It definitely is the best way to make breakfast now.