Essential oil diffuser – uses and benefits

Diffusers are the most effective and safest way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. The Essential Air, with it’s patented diffuser
system offers the most technically advanced method for delivering these benefits. Fragrance diffuser is a decorative and natural method of adding a pleasant aroma to a room, with various fragrances designed to enhance energy, reduce anxiety, or otherwise alters moods. Fragrance diffuser have many variations but basically, the diffuser releases fragrance oils and essential oils into the air in a controlled manner. It is nature’s best and most inexpensive air purifier.

Acting as an air ionizer, these diffusers delivers fresh, clean air rich in negative ions right into your home and office. Particles produced eliminate airborne pathogens such as toxic mold and mildew, viruses and bacteria, dust and dust mites, and all unwanted odors. If you are looking for a top quality essential oil diffuser in UK, then buy ultrasonic oil diffuser. There are many advantages of ultrasonic oil diffuser over other types of diffuser.

Some Benefits of Essential Oil

Diffusing therapeutic-grade essential oils releases oxygenating molecules as well as negative ions, which reduce pathogens in the air. When you breathe in the purified and heavenly scented air dissipated from the aroma diffusers, your heart opens and your senses delight. The essential oil particles travel down the pathway through your nose and throat, eliminating all the viruses and bacteria.

These are some benefits of essential oil diffuser:

1) Effectively reduces bacteria, fungus, mold, and unpleasant odors
2) Promote relaxation, relieve tension, and clears the mind
3) Help in weight management
4) Improve concentration, alertness, and mental clarity

Tea tree essential  oil is also known as Melaleuca. This essential oil was commonly used by the aborigine tribes thousands of years back for its natural antibiotic disinfectant properties. It has been now confirmed that tea tree oil has remarkable medicinal and healing benefits. The aroma of the tea tree oil resembles to nutmeg and the color of the oil is light yellow. It actively fights fungal, viral and bacterial infections. It is suggested to use the tea tree oil in the dilute form as the concentrated form of the tea tree oil is strong and can irritate the skin.

* Antibacterial: Tea tree essential oil is potent enough to fight all kinds of bacterial infections. Open wounds are prone to bacterial infections. Therefore, external application of tea tree oil on an open wound provides quick relief.

* Antiviral: Viral infections are hard to treat as the infection reappear after the cure. Virus has the ability to survive under impermissible conditions. They have the property to get dormant and can live for many years. They can only be killed if their cyst is broken. Tea tree oil has the amazing power to break the cysts of virus and provide relief from numerous viral infections such as measles, chicken pox, influenza, etc.

* Anti-fungal: Essential oil from tea tree has remarkable properties to cure various fungal infections. The potent tea tree oil effectively suppress the growth of the fungal growth and cure fungal infections like dermatitis, athlete’s foot, warts, etc.

* Antiseptic: Some wounds are open to infections and may be the cause of tetanus and septic. Tea tree oil can be used as an antiseptic lotion. It is applied externally to the open wounds, eruptions, sores, cuts, blisters, insect bites, for quick relief.

* Antimicrobial: Tea tree oil effectively kills certain microbes, such as protozoa, which are responsible for the cause of malaria, flu and fever.

* Insecticide: The efficient Tea tree oil is the quick remedy to kill the insects. To provide relief from the insect bite, one may apply and rub the tea tree oil on the body. The parasites like mosquito, flies, fleas and other insects will remain at a distance.

* As a mouth Wash: Tea tree essential oil effectively kills the bacteria thriving in the mouth and can cure bad breath, diseased gums, gingivitis and plaque. Use the solution of warm water having two to three drops of the tea tree oil for gargle. It is recommended not to swallow the solution as it may pose some problems.