How can you choose a quality grass trimmer in 2018

Thеrе іѕ a wide array of string grass trimmers available. Sοmе аrе very low cost, around $60, аnԁ ѕοmе аrе really expensive, ranging over $1000.00. Deciding whісh ones tο bυу саn bе very challenging. Mοѕt people јυѕt сυt tο thе chase аnԁ рυrсhаѕе thе lower cost models. Unfortunately, thеѕе models tend tο bе disappointing. In this article we will be discussing about how you can choose a quality grass trimmers and what common issues you will face when buying a grass trimmer or string trimmer.

Common Issues with grass trimmer

If you’re in the market for a best grass trimmer of 2018 then take these suggestions to heart in terms of what to look for when buying your trimmer. This list certainly doesn’t encompass all the “good and bad” of trimmers but it will certainly help you get one you can happily live with and keep you lawn looking sharp.

1) Big bulky engine

Whenever I bought anything with an engine I always thought I wanted the biggest and best engine I could find. Yes, even when I purchased a grass trimmer. The problem is these things can get heavy and very unbalanced, making it very difficult to handle and maneuver around. So the point to remember here is that bigger engines aren’t always better.

In fact, the better known brands have compact and lighter weight engines that are balanced with the overall trimmer making it very easy to carry around.

2) String holes are too narrow

grass trimmer UKLet me tell you right now, once you get your trimmer you will quickly become aware of how nice it is to have a thick string on the end of that baby. The little itsy-bitsy strings that come with some trimmers basically disappear after dealing with a few weeds. The thicker boys can last a couple hard sessions without having to be changed.

This is a huge time saver. Not only will you save time changing the string, but the thicker strings chop down the weeds much faster and with better precision. Once you go thick you’ll never go back to the thin strings.

The brand name trimmers allow you to buy bigger strings. In fact, most of the quality brands come with heavy-duty strings already loaded in them. It’s the no-name brands that surprise you with the super thin strings.

3) Get Quality (the most important)

There are quality gas trimmers and there are junk gas string trimmers. They both are virtually indistinguishable when new and sitting on a shelf, but it becomes blatantly obvious out in the field. Junk can fall apart inside one season. Quality costs more but can last for a decade. The choice is obvious.

String trimmer engine type

If you’re a newbie in the market for a good quality string trimmer then you’re probably putting a lot of emphasis on the size of the engine. Like most people, you probably believe that small engines are less powerful and just not able to chop up those overgrown grass and weeds, right?

Well, that’s not really the case. There’s more to it…

You need to understand, a lot of the lower-end gas string trimmers have a big bulky engine sitting on top of the shaft. The problem is these big engines don’t necessarily translate into more power. In fact, most have less power than the quality grass trimmers with smaller engines.

That’s because there are a lot of factors that determine engine power. Size isn’t a good indicator in overall power at all.

Also, you don’t want a big engine on your string lawn trimmer anyway. Remember, you actually have to carry this machine around your yard and move it back and forth and in all sorts of strange positions in order to trim your lawn properly. That big fat engine often translates to extra ponds that will negatively impact the way you maneuver it around, making it very unpleasant to use.

These best bet for you when buying a gas string trimmer is to limit yourself to the trimmers that you know are quality. Any of the well-established brands will work here, for example, the Echo or Stihl brands. These brands have been around for decades building quality gas trimmers. Yes, there are other well-known brands out there but you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good trimmer with Echo or Stihl. They are one of preferred trimmers used by professionals.

The only downside is the fact that these trimmers usually cost double or more than a lower quality trimmer. However, you can get a good high quality Echo or Stihl gas trimmer for the price of a cheap no-name brand if you know where to look.